Mezzanine / Equity

The mezzanine loan is a financing vehicle little known in Canada. Mezzanine financing is a cross between a conventional loan and a direct investment. It overlays a conventional loan and offers a loan-to-cost ratio of up to 90%. Our mezzanine financing bridges the gap between traditional financing and the equity required for real estate projects.

The advantages of mezzanine financing are:

  • Lower equity requirement
  • Additional leverage
  • Meets equity conditions required by a senior lender

Click for more Venture Capital FinancingMezzanine financing is targeted toward:

  • Acquisition, redevelopment and construction projects involving all types of real estate assets
  • Projects with a well-defined exit strategy
  • Projects with strong added-value potential
The borrower's fees for mezzanine financing consist of legal documentation, due diligence, a financial audit, building inspection, environmental audit and a market study.

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Contact us today about your mezzanine financing so you can proceed with your next venture. Our telephone number is (416) 723-0085. If you'd like you can fill out our online form to make an inquiry into mezzanine financing.

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